Our History

6PRK Radio was founded on Oct 31st 1990 with only a one hour slot per week on ABC with masts out of the radio premises. As time went on, the radio had its own mast within the premises and grew from just a few hours broadcast a week to a 24 hour 7 days a week broadcast. In 2014, the station attained stereo output quality.

There had been various managers running the radio station with some names as Jossie Farrer, Sandi Dann, Peter Frewen, Geoff Vivian, Bukola Esin and Daniel Akinshola.

Today the station can boast of a fully functional music recording studio, Outdoor broadcast services, video production, cd/dvd copying, printing and duplication, complete DJ set with lights and smoke machine and outdoor cinema facilities.

The parking space on the premises had bitumen done on it in 2014, with new gates, and more technical upgrades to position the radio station as compliant with its strategic goals and continuous relevance to the town of Halls Creek.

The radio station is governed by a board of directors that represent the community and steer the radio station in the best tracks for meaningful impact. 6PRK has a reputation of playing good music and dishing out positive messages for community growth.