Additional Services Offered

Music Recording Studio

The Music recording studio in Halls Creek is a fully functional recording studio that has and continues to churn out music recordings of local singers, school children and bands. It is our hope to market the artist's around Australia.

CD/DVD copying, label printing and duplication

We offer professional CD/DVD label printing, duplication, copying and production fit for distribution or sale.

Multi camera vision Mix Setup

We can effectively cover any event with 4 cameras and mix it "live" and project to a screen.

Complete DJ Services

We have a complete DJ set, smoke machine, laser lights and speakers to turn any venue into a dance club and leave a memorable experience.
Video Production: We have shot videos that have won awards, documentaries, picnics, music videos and short social change drama skits with local people. We are trying to expand our video production services to offer more training and record more productions of local bands performing anywhere in our region.


We have trained and will still continue to train interested locals in media and entertainment. We have people from all works of life learning how to talk on radio and present their own shows; some learn music production, some learn how to DJ while others learn video production. There is always something to learn in 6PRK Radio.

Outdoor cinema

We set up movie nights for the children in town and use it as a form of entertainment and education to inculcate in the children strong values for social change, teamwork and self-discovery.

Outdoor broadcasting

We can cover any outdoor event like festivals, concerts, picnics, launches, cultural gatherings etc. and broadcast live on radio so while an event goes on anywhere in town, people at home can listen to the event happening in real time.