Work Experience

6PRK Radio is happy to be able to provide work experience and vocational placement opportunities to interested students.

However, opportunities are limited, so please ensure you read the details on this page thoroughly and complete all that is required of you. To undertake work experience or a vocational placement at PRK Radio, you must have an interest and be considering a career path in media, Christian missions, or information technology.

We welcome all students who have an interest; you don't necessarily need to be a Christian to undertake work experience with us. Due to the fact that we are primarily volunteer based and as a work experience provider we need to provide adequate supervision, work experience opportunities are limited. You should get in touch with us at least a month prior to the dates you wish to apply for. Please note that we may not be able to commit to dates more than two months in advance. If you would like to undertake work experience or a vocational placement at PRK Radio, you will need to: Download the work experience application form and fill it in. Call to arrange a work experience interview with the Station Manager.

You should allow up to half an hour for the interview. Please note that depending on the notice given, the dates requested, and our availability we may not always be able to provide a place. Attend the interview. Bring your completed work experience application form and school documentation with you so that it can be signed and sent back to your school if you are successful. The interview is between you and the Station Manager to ascertain your interest in the field and suitability for undertaking work experience with us.

Friends or family members should not be present at the interview. You will be advised either at the interview or shortly afterwards whether or not you have been successful.

Due to the nature of radio, opportunities for live on-air work will be limited. However, by undertaking work experience with us you will get an insight into the behind the scenes operation of a progressive media organisation seeking to influence a city, and it is our aim that by the end of your week with us you leave with knowledge and experience that will help you make a more informed decision about your future.